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Our service helps businesses close more clients by handing them qualified prospects on a silver platter. We handle our client's lead generation process from A to Y. Our clients then have to take care of "Z" by doing what they do best - closing deals & customer success!  We use Data-Driven marketing tactics to generate leads, qualify them, and set the appointments for you. So, our clients can spend more time talking to qualified prospects, building relationships, and closing deals.

Built differently from the ground up.

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Why Aguila Media?

Aguila Media offers a simple service that maximizes your resources to get the most qualified prospects within a short amount of time, with measurable results. Aguila Media also has robust data to generate your leads and a dedicated support team because your success is essential.

We understand how rough lead generation can be. From talking to unqualified prospects and competition between businesses for the same leads, we understand what hurdles you need to jump in order to succeed.

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Meet The A-Team

Our team has worked on projects for early-stage startups to very well-known brands. No matter the size of the company or industry, we work to deliver the highest value to our clients.

Rashed Alam

Junior Digital Strategist

Jeffrey De Leon

Digital Strategist

Liezel Astrid

Client Success Manager

Aktar Uddin

Business Development Specialist

Gel Cabalu

Marketing Specialist

Alexis Gagné

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel Francoeur Aguila

CEO & Founder

Erick Lantigua

Chief Marketing Officer

Hundreds of businesses have switched to Aguila Media, when will you?

100% exclusive leads, 24/7 support, software training.

With Aguila Media, you are never left in the dark. Our clients come first, so we are available 24/7 when questions arise.

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Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

Do you guarantee your marketing results?

No, we cannot ensure results because many variables are out of our control. We prioritize our work efforts for specific goals, defined with our clients.

Are the leads exclusive?

We give our clients exclusivity to all of their prospects. While some platforms do lead sharing and make clients fight over a deal, we prefer to not have our own partners compete against each other.

What if I’m already using another CRM?

That is totally fine with us. We keep our clients opportunities in the Aguila Media CRM, so they can attribute and measure the opportunities we are bringing them. We can also integrate with most mainstream CRM’s.

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